JIC Mining Services (JIC) has over the past 26 years sustainably established itself as a market leader in the provision of outsourced mining services in its symbiotic relation through partnerships with South Africa's foremost mine houses. Outsourcing non-core services to the mining and other industrial sectors was a worldwide trend which was anticipated and actively met with the establishment of JIC Mining Services (JIC) twenty four years ago in 1988. JIC progressively became involved in providing core services to the mining industry as well. Complete turnkey outsourcing is seen as a major growth area in the mining sector in South Africa and JIC has strategically repositioned itself as a company with the core competencies and a range of value added service offerings to provide fully outsourced turnkey mining solutions to the mining rights owner.

JIC Engineering Services (Pty) Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Westdawn Investments (Pty) Ltd has in collaboration with its partners been responsible for two impressive developments in mining equipment - one being the Mantis twin-boom drill rig and the other the Warthog track-bound non-throw development end loader. JIC Engineering further provides a comprehensive range of traditional engineering services to the mining industry.

JIC invoices its clients on the basis of output delivered - whether it be in linear meters of development, square-meters stoped, cubic-meters vamped, tonnes broken or tonnes hosted. This fundementally ensures that JIC can never be labeled as a labour broker, who would typically invoice on the basis of a worker headcount with a profit margin added to the cost of labour. Further proof hereof is the fact that all JIC employees are on permanent contracts with appropriate fringe benefits. The "Recognition and Procedural agreement" that JIC holds with the NUM is another testimony to the fact that JIC employees are treated with respect and dignity and allowed to be represented through structured processes of collective bargaining.

JIC has recently opened a new MQA-accredited training facility in Rustenburg with capability to provide a wide range of classroom based as well as practical training. All training is unit standard based and MQA accredited. JIC not only ensures through this investment that it will be able to cater for its own skill pool requirement but also provides training services to its clients and other mining houses.

    Sustainability is fundamental to all JIC's activities. This is reflected in:
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According to its CEO, Jacques Roux, the business transformation of JIC can be seen as a response to changing market conditions.